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The Supportal is here for users of our Content Marketing Platform to learn more about how to use our features and answer some frequently asked questions! 

Logging in

If you want to comment on a knowledge base article, or start or reply to a Community topic, you will need to sign in.

But first, ask yourself, have you ever contacted the Support Team before via email?  

If yes, simply get a password here: Get a password

If no, please request access here: Sign up

Once you have your credentials you can sign in with your email address and password. Please take some time to update your profile. To update your profile, click your name in the top left and select edit profile.  Then add an avatar and provide your phone number so we can call you if needed.


You can use the search box to find content within both our Knowledgebase articles and Community topics.

If you find an article or topic that you like; you can click the follow button to easily keep up with any new comments or discussion on it.  This also flags it so you can find it less easily than just bookmarking it.

Working with our support team and tickets

Once you have logged in, you are able to submit a new request for support, view your prior tickets as well as those from your organization, and update any existing ticket.

Click "Submit a request" to create a new support ticket.  You will be asked to provide a subject, description, priority, and URL.  In the description please provide the steps you took to reproduce the problem and as much detail as possible to help us more quickly diagnose the issue.  We ask for the URL you were on when the problem occurred  This often provides us with specific details such as the task ID.  

You can view your previous support tickets by clicking on your name in the top right corner and selecting "My activity".  You are able to view and edit any ticket you have requested. You can also view any ticket you have been CC'd on by clicking "Requests I'm CC'd on".  You may be able to view and edit your organization's tickets by selecting "Organization requests".  If you do not have that option but feel you should, please submit a request to let us know to grant the access.  

Click on the subject of any ticket to view it.  You can scroll down to the end of the comments to add new comments or attachments.

The statuses you will see are:

Open - awaiting an update from NewsCred Support

Awaiting your reply - we have asked you a question and are awaiting your input

Solved - this ticket is solved/closed



The Community is a place where anyone can post questions or start discussions for the larger audience. 



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