Setting up and using Salesforce, Hearsay, Hootsuite and Spreadfast

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This article will guide you through the following:

  • Connecting your account
  • Publishing to your account
  • Checking for the article on your Feed

Connect your account

To connect your Hearsay account click on your avatar in the upper right corner and select Social accounts from your dropdown. You will then reach this page



At the bottom, you will see these account options along with all your other social accounts. 


To connect an account click on  and enter the account name and hit Create.



If you are not seeing these accounts please contact support at

Publishing to your account

In order to publish to these accounts, you need to make sure that your post has a canonical link. Meaning that the article needs to be published on a WordPress site or a feed first. 



And another major thing is you need to add your Drupal site to our CMP. Otherwise, you won't be able to publish at all.Add the Drupal website url in the Website+CMS page under Settings. Set up instructions are here

 To publish start a "Quick Article Post". Just under content selection window, you will see the option to select socials. 

*Note: If you haven't created a feed the icons will not be shown here. 


Select your desired feed, in this case, I choose HootSuit, SpredFast and Hearsay [MEASUREBD HEARSAY 101] 

If you have several feeds for one account they will appear in the drop-down as shown in the above picture. 


Fill out the descriptions and schedule your post to publish. 


Note: Salesforce, Hearsay, Hootsuite, Spreadfast are feeds. You can not re-publish an already existing article in the same feed. 


Check for your article in the feed

Once the article is published it will be available in your feed. To check go to your Social Accounts. You will see the export option beside every feed. 



Clicking on  and will prompt a message screen that will provide you with your RSS feed. 



Copy paste the URL into your address bar to see all articles posted in your feed.  


Permission and Delete

There are 2 other buttons just beside Export. 

- Allows you to you set permission for Campaigns.

- Allows you to delete your feed. Be careful, once you delete a feed you can't bring it back. 






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