Feed and Social Publishing (Javascript Snippet)

In order to post an article content to a social channel, the canonical link of that article needs to be available in the content body. CMP clients who don’t use wordpress as their CMS but rather rely on feed publishing, need to be able to publish to a feed and any social channel from the CMP within a task. We introduced an API that receives the tracking pixel and the canonical link of the article, finds out which article it points to and accordingly update the article with the canonical link.

Once the article is updated, the CMP is made aware of this change, and if there are pending social publishes dependent on the article post, it proceeds with the publishing then.

The Javascript approach involves the client including a Javascript in their website, the Javascript is delivered through our CDN for optimal performance..

The Javascript approach should only be used as an intermediary measure to register Article URL while we work on making CMS Plugin work.

Few dependencies:

  • Clients needs to whitelist our cdn domain so that it can fetch the Javascript
  • Their website should integrate our Javascript

P.S. This approach will also need that an article page is visited after the article is published.

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