Calendar: Event Management

NewsCred's Event Management feature in the CMP calendar allows your team to create events and keep track of related campaigns, tasks, and projects!

Create An Event

1. Click the New Icon at the top of the CMP and select "Event"


2. In the Create New Event form input data corresponding to your event (event title, campaign, start/end dates, and applicable custom fields) and click "Create"


3. After the creation of the event, you can access it via the Calendar (visible between the dates set up) or in Global Search 



Editing Events

1. Select the event you'd like to edit through Calendar or Search

2. On the Event Details page, hover over the field you would like to edit and it will highlight


Editable Fields: Title, Description, Campaign, Start/End Date (if moving up event update Start Date first and if extending event update End Date first)

3. Select the Manage Custom Fields gear to add/remove/update Custom Fields for the event

Comments and Linked Tasks/Events and

1. In order to manage event related communication or corresponding tasks/events, you can add comments as well as link to multiple tasks and events within the Event Details page

2. To add a comment, scroll to the Comments panel at the bottom and type your comment (tag a user and/or upload an attachment), these Comments can be resolved by users when complete by selecting Resolve


3. To link tasks and events, select "Linked Tasks and Events"

4. Begin typing the name of the task and event, then select it from the dropdown


If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to!

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