Action Analytics

NewsCred’s Action Analytics measure the impact content has on causing your readers to
take an action like subscribing to a newsletter or visiting a pricing page. Understanding which
content is prompting visitors to convert on these goals is a critical step for optimizing content
marketing ROI.

Show content marketing is driving results that matter to your business.

Prove program impact at all stages of the funnel with aggregate metrics that measure the
influence content has on a reader’s behavior toward a purchase decision.

See which content drives action on your site.

Gain unparalleled content-centric visibility into which topics, authors, and formats are resonating most by driving micro-conversions on your site.

Make better decisions about content creation.

Leverage our granular, content-centric insights to make the smartest, fastest decisions that move your audience from visitor to customer.

What Do Action Analytics Measure?
+ Email sign-ups
+ CTA Clicks
+ Last touch attribution on outbound traffic

What Do Action Analytics Look Like?



If you have any questions about setting up or managing Action Analytics please don't hesitate to contact us at!

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