Scroll Depth Tracking in the CMP


NewsCred's JavaScript Analytics Tracker can now track readers' scroll behavior and determine how much of an article viewers have seen. In addition to already-existing data like pageview counts, engagement time, and social shares, this can give editors valuable insights into how readers are using and interacting with content.



Our scroll depth tracker measures the amount of the page a reader has seen, with the top of the page defined as 0% and the bottom of the article (not including footer) as 100%.

As a user scrolls down the page, multiple tracking events are fired at each 10% interval in order to capture the maximum depth viewed. These events automatically account for screen width and magnification.

For example, in the diagram below, the tracker would register a 50% scroll depth.image1.png



Our aggregate scroll depth data allows editors to understand how much of a page their readers typically see, and therefore provide a guide as to where to place a CTA or interactive sidebar.

Going forward, we hope to integrate scroll depth into our understanding of Engagement and augment our current metrics (like Engagement Time) with scroll behavior.



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