NewsCred Content Marketing Platform Marketo Analytics Integration

What does it do?

NewsCred’s Marketo analytics integration gives you the ability to see how your content is affecting your marketing automation programs. You’ll be able to see “Leads Reached” and “Leads Generated” metrics in CMC analytics.


What are the requirements?

You need to have a Marketo instance with Marketo’s Munchkin tracking JavaScript configured on your site that captures leads.


How does it work?

Assuming you’ve met the requirements, the first step should be to give API access to your Marketo instance by authenticated in the CMC. Once you’ve authenticated, NewsCred will periodically sync your captured leads to our system by making calls to Marketo’s REST API on the behalf of your authenticated user. NewsCred’s Analytics will then associate leads to the content they have viewed.


How is the “Leads Reached” metric calculated?

For a lead to be considered “reached” the visitor of a piece of content must be a lead at the time that they viewed the content. So if an existing lead views content A and content B they count as a lead reached for content A and B. Leads reached across all content is similar to how unique visitors are counted. If a lead views content A and B they are only counted once.


How is the “Leads Generated” metric calculated?

For a lead to be considered “generated” a visitor must have viewed content on your site and then converted into a lead by filling out a sign up or subscription form connected to Marketo. If a visitor viewed content A and then subsequently viewed content B and subscribed afterwards, content B would then be given attribution for converting the visitor to a lead as long as the visitor converted within 24 hours of visiting the content. This attribution model is called “last touch” attribution. The total number of leads generated, is the total distinct number of visitors who converted to leads after seeing content.


How does NewsCred know what content Marketo Leads have viewed?

Marketo’s Munchkin JavaScript sets a cookie on all visitors to your site so that their interactions are tracked in Marketo. NewsCred’s own tracking JavaScript also uses this Marketo cookie to tag all interactions. The cookie is then used to look up the leads that are associated with it and relate them to the content that was viewed.


Is it a risk to give NewsCred access to my organization’s Marketo instance?

No, because NewsCred will never modify any data in your Marketo instance since, as outlined in “Steps to Integrate”, the user that authenticates should have a “Read Only” API access role  which means that it cannot modify any data in Marketo. NewsCred does not store your Marketo login credentials. Data  from Marketo that NewsCred stores is encrypted and only your organization in NewsCred’s CMC has access to it.


Will NewsCred exceed my daily Marketo instance API call quota?

This depends on your current daily API call usage. The maximum number of requests the Marketo API allows is 10,000. NewsCred needs 4 API requests per 300 leads captured in Marketo per day, so the number of API calls made is dependent on the number of leads captured that day. If you want leads reached and leads generated to have historical data then that would require additional API calls to backpopulate leads from the past. This backpopulate is done by NewsCred manually and the number of API requests can be controlled.

Steps to Integrate

First, navigate to the Marketo Settings page in NewsCred. The goal of this setup process is to find these three fields in Marketo and get it synced.


Next, get your Client ID and Client Secret from the Marketo Admin interface.

  1. In Marketo, Navigate to Admin > Users & Roles.
  2. Roles > New Role
  3. Create New Role
  4. Name the Roles
    1. Role Name: API Role
    2. Description: Some Description 
  5. Permissions: [x] Access APIimage4.png
  6. Create new API User and invite the new user.
  7. Roles > Users
  8. Invite New User
  9. Make sure to check off: API Only & API Roleimage5.png
  10. Now Navigate to LaunchPoint
  11. Installed Services
  12. New > New Service
  13. API Only User: select the email address for the api user you just createdthis.png

    View Details in order to get the Client ID and Client Secret


Finally, let's grab the Base URL and finish this up.

1) Navigate to Webservices and copy the value for Endpoint.


Now let's go back to the CMC.


Paste in the Client ID, Client Secret, and Base URL. (note: for the base url, do not paste the /rest. Remove that and just paste this part:


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