Everything You Need to Know About Accessing Your Feed

Here are a few things to make dealing with Feeds in your NewsCred CMP a bit easier!

First off let's go over our two types of feeds you will see: 

1. Live Feed - This refers to all articles that will be published to this feed once you are integrated. The name for this feed may vary according to your instance. 
2. Deleted Articles Feed - This refers to deleted articles that will be moved from the Live Feed to this one. 

Gaining access to your feeds:
Click on "Assets" on the vertical menu to the left.

2. Click on "Feeds."
3. View your current Feeds in the center of the page. Clicking on one of these feeds will populate with published articles.Screen_Shot_2017-08-29_at_2.56.57_PM.png 


Moving Articles to a Deleted Feed:

When would we do this? 
This would be done when you want to remove an article from your live feed but still want to have a record of it. If you fully delete it, you cannot get the article back. This is a great way to keep tabs on your articles that you may want to reuse at another time. 

1. Click on the article you'd like to remove from the Live Feed, you'll see a preview of your article on the right rail.
2. Click the arrow on next to "Start Workflow." 


1. Select which feed you'd like to move the article to.
2. Click the "Move" button. 


1. Click into your Deleted Articles Feed and you should see the article you just moved! 



Fully Deleting Articles from a Feed:

*Please remember that is will permanently delete the article. You won't be able to get your work back!*

1. Click the checkbox next to the article you'd like to delete.
2. Click the delete button.


1. Click "Delete" but know there's no going back!


The article should be gone!



Please note:

-Deleting an article from a feed does not delete it from a task/workflow.
-Conversely, deleting a task/workflow does not delete an article from the feed.



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