Cross-domain conversion tracking in NewsCred’s platform

  • What does it do?
  • What are the requirements?
  • How does it work?
  • Steps for getting set up


What does it do?

NewsCred’s cross-domain conversion tracking gives you a more accurate view into the visitor behavior occurring across all of your sites.

You can use cross-domain conversion tracking to see website activity across multiple domains in a single property and track each user’s activity traveling across domains as a single user session.

Note: NewsCred is capable of tracking both subdomain and cross-domain traffic

One way to think about this is when user is consuming content while travelling back and forth between a main site (e.g. and a separate blog (e.g.

These domains often attract the same audience and appear to that audience as a single cohesive experience. Reflecting that same experience by having a single view of all activity taken by a user across different sites paints a better picture of what’s actually going on. This way, you can make the most informed decisions based on accurate data.


What are the requirements?

In order to get cross-domain conversion tracking configured for your organization you’ll simply need to have NewsCred’s JavaScript Snippet installed across every domain you’re looking to track.


How does it work?

NewsCred’s JavaScript can be configured to fire events based on the actions that you decide to track on your blog or main website. When a user clicks on specified action, the user’s last viewed piece of content (stored via a third party cookie) can be associated with the action event, which powers NewsCred’s “Actions Generated” analytics feature. An article is given credit for “generating” an action if it was the last article that a user consumed within 24 hours of taking an action.


Steps for getting set up

1) Confirm a list of user actions that you would like to track across domains with your NewsCred team.

• Common examples of high-value user actions are metrics that serve as leading indicators of ROI. For a B2C company this may be driving from a blog to a commerce site, for B2B it may be something more lead generation focused. In any case, if you’re having trouble coming up with goals that seem like a fit for your business, it’s important you connect with your NewsCred team and we will work with you to define these goals.

2) Once the goals have been entered, wait 24 hours and then begin using the Action Analytics tab in the CMP to better understand your users’ interaction with your sites.


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