NewsCred Content Marketing Platform Salesforce Analytics Integration

What does it do?

Integrating Salesforce into your NewsCred CMP instance will give you the opportunity to dig deeper into how your content is influencing closed won opportunities in Salesforce. You’ll be able to see “Deals Influenced” and “Revenue Influenced” metrics which correspond to the number of deals and amount of revenue that were related to Salesforce contacts  who saw your content.  Additionally, you’ll be able to see exactly which deals were influenced by each piece of content.


How are “Deals and Revenue Influenced” calculated?

When an Opportunity in Salesforce becomed “Closed” and “Won” it is considered an influencing deal when any of the Contacts in Salesforce related to the Opportunity through its related Account saw any of your content published through NewsCred’s CMP before the Opportunity was closed and won. “Deals Influenced” is the number of deals that closed within the selected date range and had related contacts that saw your content before closing. “Revenue Influenced” is the total $ amount of those deals using Salesforce’s “Amount” field. When looking at an individual article, “Deals Influenced” and “Revenue Influenced is the total number and total dollar amount of Opportunities that had a related contact view the article before the Opportunity was closed and won.


What are the requirements?

  1. A Marketo instance authenticated with NewsCred’s CMP (see docs) and a Salesforce instance with the “Marketo Sales Insight” app installed.
  2. An Eloqua instance authenticated with NewsCred’s CMP (see docs) and a Salesforce instance with the “Eloqua Marketing Automation” app installed.


How does it work?

The first step is to authenticate a Salesforce user account with Salesforce’s OAuth2.0 integrations. Once you’ve authenticated, NewsCred will periodically sync your Contacts and Opportunities to our system by making calls to Salesforce’s API on the behalf of your authenticated user. NewsCred then relates your Closed/Won Opportunities to Contacts that have viewed content on your site and will calculate the number of deals and amount of revenue influenced.


How does NewsCred know what content Contacts have viewed?

If a Salesforce Contact exists in Marketo or Eloqua as a Lead or Contact, then they can be joined on the email address. NewsCred uses the web viewing history of Leads/Contacts to identify the content that Contacts in Salesforce have interacted with.


Is it a risk to give NewsCred access to my organization’s Salesforce instance?

No, because NewsCred will never modify any data in your Salesforce instance since, as outlined in “Steps to Integrate”, the user that authenticates should have a “Read Only” profile which means that it cannot modify any data in Salesforce. NewsCred does not store your Salesforce login credentials. Authentication happens through Salesforce’s OAuth2.0 Integration which returns an access token that NewsCred uses to make requests to Salesforce’s API. Data that NewsCred stores is encrypted and only your organization in NewsCred’s CMC has access to it.


Will NewsCred exceed my daily Salesforce instance API call quota?

This depends on your current daily API call usage. The maximum number of requests Salesforce allows per day is based on your Salesforce Edition and the number of licenses. NewsCred only makes requests for Opportunities and Contacts that have been created or modified in the past day so this amounts to only a few API calls per day. Upon initial ingestion, NewsCred can sync your Contacts and Opportunities in periodic batches to ensure that API call quotas are not exceeded.

Steps to Integrate


1) Create a new “Read Only - Password never expires” Profile in Salesforce



Make sure that you check off “Password Never Expires” and also go to the “Password Policies” section to select “Never expires” for “User passwords expire in”



Also make sure that the profile has “View All” access to “Accounts”, “Contacts”, and “Opportunities”


2) Go to Manage Users, and create a new user in Salesforce with the “Read Only - Password never expires” Profile



3) In NewsCred’s Content Marketing Cloud, go to Salesforce under the settings dropdown


4) Click “Add a Salesforce Account” and log in with the username and password of the new user created in step 2. Note that if your browser is already logged into Salesforce then this dialog may automatically go past the Username and Password step.


5) Click Allow


6) You’re all set


If you go to the user page of the newly authenticated user in Salesforce, you’ll see “NewsCred Content Marketing Cloud” appear in “OAuth Connected Apps” and in “Login History”

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