Connecting Your Box or Google Drive Account to NewsCred

If you want to use Box or Google Drive to power your NewsCred Asset Manager, you can do it in three easy steps!

Note: The NewsCred team recommends creating a separate account on Box or Google Drive which has permissions to all of your organizations content marketing assets. This account should be used to connect to NewsCred. This way, your users can have 1 login if they want to go in and make changes to assets offline from NewsCred, and also ensures that NewsCred users won't have full access to any single team members assets.


Step 1: Navigate to your Organization settings from anywhere in the Content Marketing Platform



Step 2: Select your desired service, and authorize your account



Step 3: Go to your Organization settings and select "External" under "Digital Asset Manager"




Now navigate to Assets Manager and go nuts! (or just execute your content marketing program. Your choice, really.)



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