Introducing: Attributes

This document introduces one of our new product updates called Attributes, and how to set up, apply, and view these attributes.

With content attributes, you now have the ability to evaluate how one category of content performs over another. This better understanding of what’s working at a more granular level helps drive future planning, promotion, and focus areas.  

Currently, there are 4 types of Attributes available in CMP: Content Format, Content Pillar, Journey Stage, and Target Audience.

How to Set Up Attributes

You can set up Attributes by going to Settings > Strategy. On the Strategy page you'll find the “Attributes” section located under the "SEO Keywords" section.


To add or edit the options for these attributes, expand the accordion drawers, click “Add New Option” to add options, or you can remove an option by clicking the "x" icon.


Remember to save the options by hitting the green “Save Field” button.


 How to Apply Attributes

In order for attributes to work for analytic insights, you need to add attributes for each piece of your content. In task detail page, you’ll find “Attributes” above “Custom Fields.”


With Attributes, you can either type and search the suitable options or select them directly from the dropdown menu. If you are not seeing a dropdown menu with a specific Attribute, make sure the options are correctly set up in Settings.



How to Access Attribute Analytics

To view how well your content is performing with your content attributes, click on the Analytics button on the left-hand side of the navigation bar.

On the Analytics page, you’ll find defined attributes shown in the filter panel on the left. Select the options and click “Apply Filters” to see the performance.


You can also use the data table below the graph to dive deeper into the Attributes.  


If you have existing custom fields match these 4 types of attributes, we can help you migrate your old content, just contact!

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