Tracking Pixels

What is a tracking pixel?

It's a code that uses a 1x1 pixel to track different user engagements. The code is inserted into the pages of third party websites right below the article's description. The tracker (usually a gif file) monitors user engagements for that article in a website. 

Why is NewsCred using tracking pixels?

Tracking pixels capture page views and number of readers for the article. Below is an example of our tracking pixel.

<img src="" alt="" height="1" width="1" class="nc_pixel"/>

Tracking pixels vary. We generate different pixels for different tasks. You can actually see them from the Content Manager. 

Go to any of your tasks. Scroll down; just below the article you will see the drop-down "Article Information". Click on it and you will see our tracker in the "Tracking code" section.



The tracker gets implemented into your site when the related article gets published. To verify make sure the tracking pixel is included in the <head> of the HTML body. 


How to know if the tracking pixel is working:

If the tracker is woking it will show a 200 status. It's easy to find out. Just go to your article (must be published through our CMP) page on your website, right click your mouse and inspect the page in developers mode. It will look something like this.

After opening the developer's tool you will need to reload the page by hitting F5. As you can see in the image, you will need to be in the "Network" tab. Search for "Pixel. In the status section if you see "200" then the tracking code is working correctly. If you want more details, search for "Tracker" and click on it.

If the status is anything other than 200, then please contact support at 


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