How to set up a New Campaign

What is a campaign?

The Content Marketing Platform's Campaigns are designed to organize the actions and analytics of a distinct marketing campaign. Each campaign has its own distinct user and team permissions, analytics, and topics searches. Although campaigns are separate, they can still run concurrently. They’re distinguished by color in the left hand navigation and these colors filter into each task. For example, if you create a social post task under a specific campaign (and that campaign’s color is red), the social post task’s color will be red.

How do I setup a campaign? 

To setup a campaign, first visit the CMP homepage. At the right corner of your screen, you will find a dropdown with the initials of your name on it. Please click on the dropdown and select 'Campaigns'.



It will then lead to a sidebar. To create a new campaign, please click on "Create New Campaign'



You will then be instructed to add a 'Campaign Name' and 'Campaign Color'. This will help you to distinguish your new creation against campaigns that are currently in use. Once both are selected, please click on 'Save Campaign'. 


You’ve made your first campaign! Congratulations!

If you ever would like to change the settings on your campaign, the Edit Permissions button is right below the campaign color selections. This is also where you would delete your campaign.


Once you click on 'Edit Permissions', and if you have admin access, you would be able to set-up various users and teams with the right credentials.  


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