Introducing: Content Manager

Content Manager allows teams to get a full overview of every piece of content they’re working on, who’s working on it, and when it’s due. We’ve organized it by status so it’s easy to stay on top of what’s in progress, scheduled, and recently published.

We have a number of filters available by view, allowing sorting on Campaign, Assignee, Workflow, Destination Channel, Article Source, and Custom Field.

Here is the “In Progress” view of content in the content manager:


You’ll notice that you can immediately see article titles, sources, who is working on the content, when it’s due, and when the task was modified last. The default sort order is when the task was last modified, but it can be changed. In addition, you of course have all the filters on the left side.



In the published content view, you have the article title alongside when it was published and links to where the content was distributed. These links take you directly to the published content.

If you want to export all of your content, just click the export button in the upper right, which will take you to a modal where you can select the content statuses you’d like to export and the time frames. You can set the time frames to as long of a range as you’d like, but longer ranges may take more time to complete. Also, the xlsx export should come with all the fields you need by default (custom fields, links, authors, sources, etc).


If you have any questions about why something is missing from our content manager, don’t hesitate to reach out at

Also, notice that our Pitch manager option is available in "Content Manager". for details on Pitch manager see the article "How to Use Pitch Manager".





Also, notice that Pitch manager is available under the Content manager.







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